Supernatural 30 Day Challenge

Day 24: Funniest episode

When I first started watching Supernatural my friend kept talking about this episode where they made fun of the fake that Jared married the girl who played Ruby.  That is how she put it at least.  Now that my obsession has grown I know her real name.  Who would have thunk it! 

Anywho, this is me getting sidetracked as usual.  When I finally got to “The French Mistake” I was SO flippin’ excited to see this episode I had been hearing about over and over again.  The hilarity of the episode that would ensue!  Little did I know just how damn hilarious it would actually be.  From their less than concerned reaction over Misha dying, them trying to act, Dean finding out Jensen did soaps, like there’s just TOO much to actually name!  And then there was the hilarious gifset put together where they made Jensen gay and married to Misha.  It just provided so many memorable and hilarious moments.  Honestly when trying to pick what episode I found the funniest I thought I was going to have to make a funny moments of Supernatural gifset instead.  It was that difficult for me, but ultimately this one is the funniest to me. And probably for all the wrong reasons, but these gifs make me want to skip everything tonight and rewatch the episode because it is that hilarious!